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What to add to your KidzKit

Now that you have their kit, it's time to fill it up!


Consider your child's age and review the contents. If your child is aged 5+ you may wish to add in a secondary activity item.  We recommend Take 'N' Play Anywhere games & Hoyle Card Games as they are compact and offer a variety of options to choose from.  

Hoyle Games for kids


Should you choose to head to the grocery store and add on snacks for your child it is very important that you consider two things;  expiration and leaks.    It can be a challenge to find snacks that are healthy with longer expiration dates (9-12 months) and also snacks that are small and have leak proof packaging.  

Furthermore, these snacks should not replace the necessary emergency survival meals. Snacks are a great addition but remember what we are striving for is to have balanced healthy meals.

Here are a few of my favourite add on snacks and where you can find them;

  • Take Your Pick - Freeze dried mixed fruits (London Drugs)
  • Sesame Crisps (Dollar store)
  • BARE Banana Chips (Thrifty's & Amazon)
  • MADE GOOD  makes a variety of snack foods for kids that are Gluten Free, Nut Free, School Safe and Organic (Thrifty's)
  • GOOD TO GO snack bars are Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegan, Keto, Grain Free (Thrifty’s & Amazon)
  • BROTHERS All Natural Fruit Crisps (Superstore & Amazon) 
  • GERBER Organic Quinoa Crisps (Superstore) 
  • PC Organics Raspberry Cocoa or Strawberry Quinoa Bar (Superstore) 
  • PEPPERIDGE Goldfish Cheddar snack crackers. Individual packets 43g (Costco)
  • Gum (sugarless) * use discretion and ensure age appropriateness. 

 Made Good Snacks

Personal Supplies

We also recommend that you add from the following lists of items, as many of these items are often overlooked in emergency preparedness for children: 

  • Daytime and/or nighttime diapers for 3 days (it is common for young children to have accidents after traumatic events)
  • An extra change of clothing. Especially underwear, pants and socks
  • Cold weather items including a toque, gloves and a small blanket. Prepare for all seasons. * Tip:  Your local Dollar Store will sell gloves, toques, warm socks and even small compact blankets.
  • A familiar small comfort item (stuffed animal, soother, favorite toy).
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste. * Tip: Travel toothbrush sets work for this
  • A letter to your child to bring them comfort.  Sample HERE
  • An envelope that contains your contact information, a recent photo of your family, their health information or special requirements, and your out-of-area contact's information.




Your child's backpack is going to be full and you know what... that's a good thing!  Your child needs all of these items to be ok without you.  Every item in their kit is packed by you because you know they may need it and you care. Fill the backpack up with items that your child can use to survive until you can get to them.   


We recommend labelling all items in your child's new emergency preparedness kit and so we are proudly partnering with Oliver's Labels to offer all West Coast KidzKits customer's 10% off their label orders!