About Us

West Coast KidzKits was founded by Jessica Popein and is a family owned and operated company. Jessica is “Mom” to two children and has over 10 years service in law enforcement. She has taken a leave from her job to raise her children and has now found herself passionate and committed to providing Emergency Preparedness kits to children.  Jessica is also certified in Public Safety Communications, Aviation Dispatch, Emergency Medical Dispatch, Incident Command System 200 and was a HAM radio operator. She also previously work for Emergency Management BC (formally known as PEP).

After having to create her own emergency kits for her son's daycare in Surrey and then for pre-school in Nanaimo, Jessica noticed that the standard food for a child's emergency kit was to only provide the bare minimums; an emergency bar or snacks. She became invested in creating a product for children that is designed around a child's needs and provides tasty and nutritious foods.

Having lived the past 11 years in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island she and her family are committed to making sure children living in areas with a high risk of natural disasters are better prepared. 

"It is my goal give parents the ability to provide for their children in an easy, stress-free way. I want parents to find comfort in knowing that their kids will be OK during and after an event." - Jess


The following are West Coast KidzKits’ Mission, Vision and Values.


To have all children living in a “high risk” natural disaster zone be prepared to the best of our abilities as their caretakers.  


That no child experience food fatigue or hunger after a natural disaster because their kit provides only the bare minimums or has inadequate foods and supplies. 

That should a school or daycare be required to shelter in place following a natural disaster, each child be equipped with their own individualized kit.


To have open and honest communication and education about Emergency Preparedness for children.   To provide a product that is safe for children to use and prepare, as well as to have children familiar with their kits before an event.