The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals
The Essential KidzKit with meals

The Essential KidzKit with meals

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NOW AVAILABLE - Vegan Spaghetti with tomatoe sauce dinner!

Our kits exceed the standards of BC Ministry of Education's Emergency Planning Guide for Schools & Vancouver Coastal Health's Emergency Preparedness Guide for Child Care.

Step 1 : Select 2 meals

Step 2: Select the theme

Girl Theme kits includes a Contigo water bottle from the Girl Theme colour options as well as a Play Pack of either Princess or Paw Patrol theme.

Boy Theme kits includes a Contigo water bottle from the Boy Theme colour options as well as a Play Pack of either Transformer or Paw Patrol theme.

We support gender neutrality and we are currently working on a way to market our kits in a non gender identifying way.

Should you have a special request for a specific cup with a specific play pack email us at with your request details and we will always do our best to accommodate you.  

Every Essentials KidzKit includes:

  • 12 L West Coast KidzKit Backpack
  • 1 L Puravai Emergency Drinking Water (up to 20 year expiration date)
  • SOS Emergency Food Ration Bar (up to 5 year expiration date)
  • 12 oz Contigo Spill-Proof Tumbler with Straw
  • 2 emergency preparedness meals of your choosing
  • SOS emergency water rations for meal preparation (up to 5 year expiration)
  • 2 individually wrapped spoons
  • West Coast KidzKits Hand Crank Rechargeable Flashlight
  • Child’s Sized Rain Poncho
  • Child’s Sized Face Mask
  • Mylar Blanket
  • Latex-Free Fabric Bandages
  • Grab & Go Play Pack (Disney, Nickelodeon, Transformers)
  • Honest Wipes (10 pack, fragrance and paraben free)
  • Child / School Identification Card
  • PreparedBC Home Emergency Plan Booklet
  • 1 Child / School Name card 


Breaking down what's included

West Coast KidzKits backpack:

  • 12 Litres in size
  • Padded low back support and shoulder straps
  • Interior pocket for organization
  • Exterior front pocket with zipper for documents
  • 2 exterior mesh side pockets
  • Front pocket for your child's name and/or school details

Puravai 1 Litre Water:

  • Emergency Drinking Water is filtered, purified and then triple sealed using the highest standards, to ensure your water stays 100% BACTERIA FREE and ready to drink.
  • The only Certified 100% Bacteria Free emergency drinking water in the preparedness market. Puravai is manufactured and water sourced in the USA
  • Up to a 20 year shelf life. Packaged in HDPE #2 and BPA Free, the 1-liter bottles are completely recyclable.
  • Extremely durable. High Density Puravai Bottles, are extremely durable - built for the unpredictability of emergency situations you can drop, scrape, or bump them and your water stays protected. Bottles are waterproof and will float.
  • Made of the same material as U.S. military canteens, Puravai bottles and have a lid which can be twisted on and off. Contains enough water to sustain someone for 24 hours - unlike pouches, cans or boxes

S.O.S. Emergency Food Ration  * Dairy Free

  • Ideal for emergencies, camping, rafting and for outdoor activities
  • Tested to withstand temperatures from -30°C to 65°C
  • Each vacuum sealed pouch contains 9 individually wrapped bars which contain 400 calories each. 
  • Non-thirst Provoking
  • Up to a 5 years shelf life
  • Ingredients : Sugar, Enriched Wheat Flour, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening (Soybean & Cottonseed Oils), Corn Starch, Wheat Gluten, Dextrose, Desiccated Coconut Preserved with Sodium Metabisulfite, Corn Syrup, Contains less than 2% of the following: Soy Lecithin, Guar Gum, Calcium Propionate Preservative, Citric Acid, Salt, Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Niacin, Vitamin A, Palmitate, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate.

My two cents added:  These food bars taste like a shortbread cookie and while they have and will always have a vital role to play in emergency preparedness they are also the reason I started this business.  Too many companies, families and schools ONLY provide ration bars as the food source during an emergency. I serve them as lunch...breakfast and dinner need to be meals!  And so that is why I made the Essentials KidzKit.

Children need food in an emergency situation.

Backpackers Pantry Emergency Meals - Vegan!

Introducing our new vegan meal option for families. 

Backpackers Pantry Spaghetti with tomatoe sauce dinner is simply delicious. This vegan classic has been simmered to perfection, blending the brightness of fresh tomatoes with savoury onions, garlic and herbs.  These meals have an max expiration of 10 years and they require hot water to be re-hydrated.  


Mountain House Emergency Meals

Mountain House is probably the biggest name in the freeze-dried food market.  The company has been making meals for the US Special Forces for nearly 50 years. From the bottom of the ocean to the peak of Everest, they have fueled expeditions in every climate and situation. Mountain House emergency meals have the longest proven shelf life of 30 years and their Adventure Meals line includes their trusted just-add-water, freeze-dried meals for emergency planning.

How do you prepare Mountain House meals?

All Mountain House meals are pre-cooked, so the flavors are fully locked in. All your child needs to do is add water!

Step by Step:

  1. Open the food pouch
  2. Remove the oxygen absorber
  3. Add the correct amount of water. Note * Your child's meals come with the required amount of water attached to the meal pouch, in water packets.   Hot or cold water can be used.
  4. Stir and seal the pouch
  5. Wait 10 minutes. If cold water was used for meal preparation then wait 20 minutes. 
  6. Enjoy!


 Mountain House meals are made in a nut free facility with the exception of coconut.


The emergency water packets included with your child's meals are 125ml each pouch. The packets have up to a 5 year shelf life.  Meals require anywhere from 1-4 water packets for re-hydration, with the breakfasts requiring the least amount of water and the dinners requiring the most.  

Dairy and egg free meal options available online soon! 



This the only emergency preparedness kit your child will ever need.   #parentwin